Frequently Asked Questions


How do I go back to property description to modify and correct it?

The Owners link, found on the awning and in the links at the bottom of each page, is the key to maintaining all information relating to your listings. Use the ownerid you were assigned and password you chose when you registered your vacation property. The next screen will present several choices: Change owner information, add a new property, change an existing property's information. For this question the choice would be change an existing property's information. Two screens are presented to change a property's information. The first contains data like amenities, contact names and so on. If nothing is to be changed in the first screen, simply hit submit to continue. The second screen contains the property descriptions. You can change information as often as you care to. The changes are immediately applied to your listing.

Why should I list my property on CafeGetaway?

Well, good question. The Internet is THE most cost-effective way to advertise today. Think about this: when someone surfs into CafeGetaway they are looking to rent something other than a hotel room for his/her family vacation. They are not looking for news or stock quotes or to play a game online; they WANT to find a vacation home to rent. That is the mission of CafeGetaway to put vacation seekers together with people that own vacation rental property.
Beyond the inspired reasons listed above, you can list your property on CafeGetaway for a full year at the incredibly low cost of $60.00. That's about HALF of what our competition charges! Click here to get started.

I already have a webpage with my property on it, why should I post my property on CafeGetaway too?

CafeGetaway is dedicated to one thing: matching vacation seekers with available properties. We can provide a link to your personal website for those happy vacationers to get more information about your property. We are registered with every major search engine on the Internet. And we have been working on optimising our pages to be found in the top 30 of each search engine.

Do I have to know anything about setting up a webpage?

No, CafeGetaway does all that for you. During the online registration process we gather almost all the information we will need to set up your page. We will contact you via email to give you instructions on how to get photos on your detail page.

Speaking of rates, how do I set them for my vacation home?

Your rates are set by you alone. Obviously, there are many determining factors; supply and demand being the greatest of those. If you have competition in the area find out what they are charging for units similar to yours. Be objective. Demand will go down for a cottage on a lake in the winter unless it's near a ski resort. But if there are 1000 other home owners looking to rent their vacation property as well, your rates are going to have to reflect the competition.

How do I put photos on my listing?

At CafeGetaway you are allowed four (4) photos on your listing page. You can either direct us to a website that has them already posted (the fastest way), send them to CafeGetaway via email (the next fastest way) if you have digital images or you can mail them through the Post Office (slightly slower). Either way we will take care of getting them into your listing for you.


OK, Where do I sign up?

Just click here to get started.




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