All Renters and Advertisers

The responsibility is solely yours to investigate any and all claims made by either renters or vacation property owners or agents. All liability for use of any information you may find listed on CafeGetaway is assumed by you. No responsibility is assumed by CafeGetaway and in no way is the accuracy of the published pages herein guaranteed. All property owners do not directly create their ads here at CafeGetaway. It is possible that some CafeGetaway advertisers are acting as managers or agents for the property owners.


Please be aware that Refund/Cancellation Policies are set by each individual property. Ther refund of rental fees for any reason is not the responsibility of CafeGetaway. It is solely the renting party's responsibility to confirm any information published within CafeGetaway as none of the information contained herein has been confirmed or warranteed by any party.

Property Owners

If the agreed upon level of service for any reason, including but not limited to Acts of God, act of negligence, service outages or war is unable to be provided, neither CafeGetaway or its owners may be held liable for costs beyond the prorated costs originally paid for by the client for unprovided services. It is not guaranteed by CafeGetaway that the CafeGetaway site will be available 100% of the time. It is the sole responsibility of the property owner or agent to qualify all renters. In no location is CafeGetaway a licensed real estate broker.

Membership Policy

At our sole discretion, CafeGetaway reserves the right to reject or edit any ad material submitted. This submitted material becomes the property of CafeGetaway and its affiliated sites once it has been edited and posted on the CafeGetaway website. It may not be copied from the site without written permission.

Property Off the Market

At your request, CafeGetaway will temporarily deactivate your listing and reactivate it at a future date for the purpose of removing your property from the market. Although we cannot extend your renewal date during the period of time your property is deactivated, your CafeGetaway listing will stay in force through your original term. Your renewal date will remain the same.

Property Sold

Should you sell your property, your listing on CafeGetaway can be transferred to the new owner for a one-time transfer fee of $10.00. No refund will be given. Existing and new members should consider equitably dividing the fees amonst themselves.

Membership Cancellation Policy

The majority of promotional work concerning vacation properties occurs in the first few weeks of membership. Therefore, CafeGetaway is unable to provide a refund for cancelled membership.

To Spam or Not to Spam

For our purposes, the definition of spam is at the sole discretion of CafeGetaway. CafeGetaway does not participate, nor does it condone the sending of unsolicited email(spam). CafeGetaway reserves the right to cancel without refund any member mentioning CafeGetaway or its associated websites, URLs, or any CafeGetaway associated email address in any spam or Usenet posting.

Acceptable Site Conduct Policy

Thank you for following the Acceptable Site Conduct Policy. At the sole discretion of CafeGetaway ads which do not adhere to this policy are subject to cancellation without refund.


By participating and/or continuing to participate in the services provided by CafeGetaway you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this disclaimer.



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